Fixed APR Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Prior to 2008, American Express, Chase, and Advanta issued credit cards that offered fixed APRs on balance transfers until the balances were repaid. These offers were pulled from the market at the start of the credit crisis and have been absent for more than two years. Advanta, which had offered a 2.99% fixed APR for life, is no longer in business. American Express existed the balance transfer arena. Because of this, it is unlikely that fixed APR balance transfer offers will return anytime soon.

For consumer’s sake, we hope the move away from fixed APR balance transfers ends soon as these offers are useful for people who need many years to repay credit card debt. Fortunately, however, many credit card companies have begun offering extremely long 0% rates on balance transfers. Thus, given the current absence of fixed APR credit cards, we suggest seeking out a credit card that offers a 0% APR on balance transfers, followed by a low variable rate. Below are our current recommendations.

Fixed APR Balance Transfer Articles

A fixed APR balance transfer offer allows you to transfer a higher rate balance to a credit card that charges a fixed interest rate for a set amount of time that can last anywhere from a year to life. Unfortunately, no credit cards offer fixed 0% APR balance transfers for life. However, many fixed APR balance transfer offers do provide 4.9% transfers for life. Learn more about fixed APR balance transfers.

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