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Mastercard Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Mastercard balance transfers provide some of the longest 0% interest rate periods on the market. In particular, Citibank offers two cards with 0% introductory rates that lasts 18 months. These are currently the longest Mastercard balance transfer offer available.

When comparing Mastercard balance transfer offers, it is important to remember that you can transfer balances from one Mastercard to another Mastercard, as long as the balance you transfer is on a card from a different company. For example, you can transfer balances from a Chase Mastercard to a Citi Mastercard, but not from one Citi Mastercard to another Citi card, even if it is a Visa. Thus, if you are simply looking for a Mastercard balance transfer because you have debt on a Visa card, you may be limiting yourself, as it is the credit card company, not the logo on your card that influences whether or not you can do a balance transfer from one card to another.

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MasterCard Balance Transfer Offers

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About Mastercard Balance Transfers

Mastercard is a credit card network, not a credit card company. Thus, a number of different banks provide Mastercard balance transfer offers. Because Mastercard is not an issuer of credit cards, it is possible to do a 0 balance transfer from one Mastercard to a 0% Mastercard balance transfer card. The same is true for Visa, which is also a network, not an issuer.

Generally, you need to do Mastercard balance transfers from different banks. For example, if you have a Mastercard from Chase, you can transfer that balance to a Citibank balance transfer card or any number of other credit cards that bear the Mastercard logo. Sometimes you can use Mastercard balance transfer cards from the same company, as the rules vary from bank to bank, but its better to be safe and apply for a card from a bank you don’t have debt with.

Also, a common misconception many people hold is that you can only have one Mastercard or one Visa. Theoretically, you can have five or ten if you wanted. Thus, if you limited your search to Mastercard balance transfers because you already have a Visa, Discover or American Express card, you might want to compare all available 0% APR balance transfer deals before making your final decision.

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