A Beginner’s Guide To Chase Slate

Slate from ChaseFor most people, the Chase Slate is the best balance transfer credit card on the market. It offers 15 months of interest free financing on both new purchases and balance transfers, and is the only card with a 0% APR balance transfer offer and no balance transfer fee.

So how can cardholders make the most of this card? Follow these steps:

First, the Slate card may not make sense for everyone. For example, cardholders who have debt in an existing Chase account cannot transfer it to their Slate card.

Next, it is important to apply as soon as possible. Each day that goes by means that applicant’s existing debt is continuing to accrue interest charges. The sooner one applies, the sooner applicants can receive the card, perform the balance transfer, and stop paying interest.

Also, note that the promotional balance transfer offer is only valid for the first 60 days after opening an account. The date the account opened is the date that Chase approved the application. It is not the date the card is mailed, received, activated, or used. Therefore, cardholders will actually have fewer than 60 days to complete balance transfers that qualify for the 0% APR promotional terms.

Cardholders should also note that they can complete multiple balance transfers from various credit cards, so long as they do not exceed their credit limit, and the cards were not issued by Chase.

Once the balance is is transferred, cardholders will need to pay a minimum balance on their accounts each month. But as always, the best way to manage these accounts is to pay more than the minimum. Cardholders have 15 months of interest free financing, and their goal should be to retire their debt within that time period.

One of the great tools that Slate cardholders have available to them is Chase’s Blueprint program. This no-cost feature includes powerful budgeting and goal setting tools that helps cardholders to create a plan to eliminate their debt. Anyone who is using Chase Slate to pay off debt should be using this feature.

Finally, it is important to note that the Slate card is not ideal for every use. It has virtually no perks or benefits that are normally found on other cards such as rental car insurance. In addition, it has a 3% foreign transaction fee that is imposed on all charges processed outside of the United States.

By understanding both the benefits and limitations of the Chase Slate card, account holders can use this unique product to realize the maximum benefit.

You can learn more about this offer and apply online below.

  • Pay less interest. Save on balances and new purchases.
  • $0 balance transfer fee - introductory offer!
  • 0% Introductory APR for 15 months on purchases and balance transfers
  • $0 Annual Fee
Purchases Intro
Balance Transfers Intro
Regular APR
Annual Fee
Credit Needed

0% for 15 months*

0% for 15 months*

12.99%, 17.99%, 22.99% (V)*


Excellent Credit

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