Chase Slate is the Best Card for 0% Balance Transfers – Here’s Why.

Cut Credit Card Interest Payments

0% APR balance transfers are one of the most useful tools to help credit card users get out of debt. And while there are many good balance transfer offers on the market, the Chase Slate card is easily the best product available.

What makes Slate Unique?

With nearly all promotional balance transfer offers, cardholders must pay a balance transfer fee. This fee is a percentage of the amount transferred, typically 3%, added to the cardholder’s new balance. So in effect, cardholders who pay a balance transfer fee will immediately end up owing more money on their new account.  In instances where a cardholder can finish paying off his or her balance within a few months, these fees can make a 0% APR balance transfer a losing proposition.

The Chase Slate card is the only credit card available with a 0% APR promotional balance transfer offer with no balance transfer fee. This lack of a fee eliminates the only legitimate roadblock between paying a high interest rate or getting a new card and paying no interest for 15 months.

How Slate Saves You More Money than Other Cards

Consider a cardholder with $5,000 in debt. If that cardholder transfers a balance to a card with a 3% balance transfer fee, then he or she is immediately assessed a $150 fee.  To put it another way, compare the Slate to a competing card such as the Citi Diamond Preferred.

If the cardholder makes a $200 monthly payment, after 15 months the balance would be $2,000 instead of $2150.  If the cardholder was able to make a $333 monthly payment, he or she would be debt free in 15 months on Slate whereas the cardholder would still owe $150 on the Citi Diamond card.

Drawbacks of Slate

While Slate is the clear leader among balance transfer cards, it will not cure debt on its own. As with any balance transfer offer, cardholders must still make minimum payments each month and will incur the standard interest rate once the 0% APR promotional rate expires.

However, these are hardly drawbacks – paying no interest at all (and no balance transfer fees) is much better than paying interest.

Ultimately then, the only issue consumers looking to save the most possible money on balance transfers could face with the Slate card would arise if they currently have a balance on another, high interest Chase credit card. These balances cannot be transferred to a 0% APR card from the same bank.

Otherwise, most anyone with a high interest balance that they know will take some time to pay off will find that Chase Slate is hands down the best balance transfer credit card available today.

You can learn more or apply online below or by viewing the online application here.

  • Pay less interest. Save on balances and new purchases.
  • $0 balance transfer fee - introductory offer!
  • 0% Introductory APR for 15 months on purchases and balance transfers
  • $0 Annual Fee
Purchases Intro
Balance Transfers Intro
Regular APR
Annual Fee
Credit Needed

0% for 15 months*

0% for 15 months*

12.99%, 17.99%, 22.99% (V)*


Excellent Credit

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